If Earth's 4.5 billion years were scaled down to one day, humans have been present for 3 seconds.

How will we shape our 
4th second?

Our Vision

We believe our 4th second should be an equitable and sustainable world 
where all people are...


part of a thriving ecosystem

Our Mission

We seek to catalyze systemic change through direct service, fostering collaboration, and
growing community capacity to bridge gaps between community needs and resources.

Our Work

Grounded in community with a focus on root causes, we work to address systemic injustice through:

Icons in arranged in circle depicting environmental justice, youth opportunity, housing solutions, food security, and access to care.

Featured Projects

Two volunteers from the Vallejo Mobile Health clinic.

Vallejo Mobile Health

Vallejo Mobile Health is a street outreach team working to reduce the burden of disease and improve wellness of people experiencing homelessness in Vallejo through a multi-disciplinary, community-based team. We strive for wellness and the long term goal of facilitating housing stability for people without homes through the culturally-informed provision of supportive services including, but not restricted to, medical care, mental health, housing assistance, and case management.

Youth Empowerment

The Youth Empower Project aims to break intergenerational cycles of trauma and prevent substance abuse through resiliency, advocacy,
and community capacity building. Youth and Families with high exposure to toxic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACEs) are selected to participate and are supported with a guaranteed income. Individual needs will be assessed and students will engage in resiliency, leadership, and advocacy curriculum. Students will be supported in proposing and implementing policy and programmatic interventions for expressed needs. Concurrently, we are building an ecosystem of support through training community leaders in Mental Health First Aid, Fostering Resiliency, and Social Justice Youth Development.

Four female teenagers from the Youth Empowerment Project.
Rendering of 4-story Broadway Street multi-unit housing building with trees, pedestrians, and cars.

Affordable Housing

Based on the statewide regional housing needs allocation (RHNA), Vallejo will need to develop 695 units for very-low-income households and 371 for low-income families in the next 6 years. Vallejo is far behind this goal and developed no housing for people earning below Above Moderate income between 2015 and 2018. 4th Second is committed to facilitating or directly producing 100+ units by 2025 and 200+ by 2030. In 2021, 4th Second began pre-development of 65+ units in partnership FIRM Foundation Community Housing.

Our Team

We are dreamers who take action. We leverage our diverse experiences across community organizing, public health, medicine, systems dynamics, child development, social work, education, law and design to make change.

Eight team members from 4th Second arranged in circles.


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