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If Earth’s 4.5 billion years were scaled down to one day, humans have been present for 3 seconds.



How will we shape our 4th second?

Creating Our 4th Second...

We strive for transformative change, driving systemic shifts towards a more just and equitable world. 4th Second is committed to making a lasting impact by addressing the root causes of social challenges through deep understanding of our community’s needs.

We collaborate to innovate, empower, and create a brighter future.

Access to Care
Food Security
Housing Security

Our work is focused in five program areas, where we tackle the critical issues that affect the well-being and prosperity of individuals and families. We pursue opportunities for positive change in our commitments to empowering youth, promoting food security, advocating for environmental justice, creating safe and affordable housing, and to ensuring access to quality healthcare. 

At 4th Second, we believe that change is a collective effort. It’s about investing time, resources, and compassion as well as financial contributions. We value the commitment of volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise, the power of partnerships that bring together diverse resources, and the generosity of donors, sponsors, and grantors who support us through financial or in-kind contributions.

Together, we form a vibrant community, united by the shared goal of making a difference.

By joining with 4th Second, you become an essential part of bridging the gaps between community needs and available resources, creating meaningful change and a more equitable society.

Our Community Partners

We appreciated all of our contributors who help us in our vision. Let us introduce them.

Supporters & Collaborators


Our community needs your support.

Help shape our 4th Second

With the generous donations of people like you we can support equitable growth within the community of Vallejo through powerful programming and partnerships.

Join us in making our 4th Second count.

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